OCR Full Lamination AR Glass On LCD 19 Inch Screen OCR Full Lamination AR Glass On LCD 19 Inch  Screen

Unlock superior optical performance with our AR (Anti-Reflective) and AF (Anti-Fingerprint) Cover Glass tailored for 19-inch LCM/LCDs. This cutting-edge product features OCR (Optical Clear Resin) full lamination, ensuring a seamless fusion of components.

Screen Size:
  • 19inch
  • 4:3
Outline Dimension:
  • 428*373
Viewing Area:
  • 377*301.66
Number Of Pixels:
  • 1280*1024
Number of Touch point:
  • 10 Points Touch
Support Systems:
  • Windows,Android,Linux
  • ≥95%
  • Display: LVDS
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Product Feature

  • Boasting a remarkable peak visible light transmittance of 99%, our product elevates the original brightness of LCD and PDP, significantly reducing energy consumption with an average visible light transmission rate surpassing 95%.

  • Combatting glare with finesse, our technology ensures an average reflection rate below 4%, with the lowest value dipping under 0.5%. This effectively mitigates issues arising from background glare, providing a clearer and more enjoyable image quality.

  • Experience a vivid and heightened contrast with our product, intensifying image color contrasts for scenes that are noticeably sharper.

  • Prioritizing eye protection, our technology is equipped with anti-UV properties, drastically reducing the transmission rate of the ultraviolet spectrum. This serves as a powerful shield against potential eye damage caused by harmful UV light.

  • Unmatched in high-temperature resistance, our AR anti-reflection glass can withstand temperatures exceeding 500 degrees, surpassing the limitations of general acrylic, which can only endure temperatures up to 80 degrees.

  • Offering unparalleled durability, our AR anti-reflection glass film matches the hardness of glass, boasting a rating of over 7H for the best anti-scratch and wear resistance in its class. As an SEO optimization specialist, we ensure that these features are not only communicated effectively but also resonate with your target audience, maximizing visibility and engagement.

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