10.1 inch TFT-LCD Display BOE/GV101WXM-N85 10.1 inch  TFT-LCD Display BOE/GV101WXM-N85

10.1 inch LCD display offer high-quality visual output with clear and detailed images and are often equipped with touch screen capabilities for easy navigation and operation.

Screen Size:
  • 10.1inch
  • 16:10
Outline Dimension:
  • 228.2× 148.85× 2.8max.(W/O PCBA)
  • 228.2× 148.85× 4.9max.(W/I PCBA)
Viewing Area:
  • 216.96(H) × 135.60(V)
  • 250(max)
Surface Treatment:
  • AG25
Number of pixels:
  • 1280(H) × 800(V)
Operating Temperature:
  • -20---70℃
  • LVDS
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A 10.1 inch LCD display is a type of display panel that measures 10.1 inches diagonally. It typically has a resolution of 1280 x 800 or higher and can support a wide range of colors and brightness levels. 10.1 inch LCD displays are commonly used in a variety of consumer electronics devices such as tablets, laptops, and gaming devices, as well as in industrial automation and control systems, medical equipment, and automotive infotainment systems. They offer high-quality visual output with clear and detailed images and are often equipped with touch screen capabilities for easy navigation and operation. Each pixel is divided into RED, GREEN, BLUE dots which are arranged invertical stripe and this module can display 16.7M colors. The TFT-LCD panel used for this module is adapted for a low reflection and higher color type.


⚫ Dimensions: 10.1 inches diagonal, medium size
⚫ Resolution: generally 1280 x 800 or higher, providing a clear display effect
⚫ Display Quality: Capable of presenting high-quality images with rich, vivid colors
⚫ Display technology: using liquid crystal technology, capable of displaying high-quality static and dynamic images
⚫ Viewing angle: It has a wide viewing angle, which can ensure that observers can see clear images from different angles
⚫ Durability: generally has a long service life, high shock resistance and compression resistance
⚫ Touch function: can be equipped with touch screen function, support multi-touch, enhance operating experience
⚫ Application fields: Widely used in consumer electronics, industrial automation, medical equipment, vehicle infotainment systems and other fields.

General Specification

                                                                <Table 1. General Specifications>


Specification Unit Remarks

Active area

216.96(H)*135.60(V) mm  

Number of pixels

1280(H)*800(V) Pixels  

Pixel pitch

56.5(H)*169.5(V) μm  

Pixel arrangement

Pixels RGB stripe arrangement    

Display colors

16.7M(6bits+HI-FRC) colors  

Display mode

Transmission mode.Normally Black    
Outline Dimension

228.2*148.85*2.8max.(W/O PCBA)

228.2*148.85*4.9max.(W/I PCBA)



250(max) gram  

Surface Treatment



Bottom edge side,1-LED Lighting Bar Type   40*LED Array

Electrical Interface Connection

Termlnal Symbol Functions
Pin No. Symbol Descripticn
1 NC No Connection
2 VDDIN Power Supply VDDIN=3.3V(typ.)
3 VDDIN Power Supply VDDIN=3.3V(typ.)
4 VDC Power Supply VDC=3.3V(typ.)
5 NC No Connection
6 CLK EDID CLK for EDID function use
7 Data EDID CLK for EDID function use
8 LVDS_0N LVDS Negative data signal(-)
9 LVDS_0P LVDS Positive data signal(+)
10 GND Ground
11 LVDS_1N LVDS Negative data signal(-)
12 LVDS_1P LVDS Positive data signal(+)
13 GND Ground
14 LVDS_2N LVDS Negative data signal(-)
15 LVDS_2P LVDS Positive data signal(+)
16 GND Ground
17 LVDS_CLKN LVDS Negative CLK signal(-)
18 LVDS_CLKP LVDS Positive CLK signal(+)
19 GND Ground
20 LVDS_3N LVDS Negative data signal(-)
21 LVDS_3P LVDS Positive data signal(+)
22 NC No Connection
23 NC No Connection
24 NC No Connection
25 GND Ground
26 NC No Connection
27 NC No Connection
28 GND Ground
29 NC No Connection
30 NC No Connection
31 LED_GND LED Ground
32 LED_GND LED Ground
33 LED_GND LED Ground
34 NC No Connection
35 LED_PWM LED driver PWM Signal
36 LED_EN LED driver enable (+3.3V Input)
37 NC No Connection
38 VLED LED Power Supply 5V-21V
39 VLED LED Power Supply 5V-21V
40 VLED LED Power Supply 5V-21V


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