Tempered Glass Cover

Glass cover is made of transparent glass material and is customized according to customer drawings. It is usually used to protect the surface of electronic products, household appliances, lamps, architectural decorations, furniture surfaces, etc. The coating layer AGAFAR can be customized, which has the characteristics of high transparency, strong wear resistance, easy cleaning, etc. Its thickness ranges from 0.7mm to 19mm.

Characteristics and uses of AG-AF-AR unconventional tempered glass

AR glass (Anti-Reflection Glass) is anti-reflective glass, which reduces the interference of ambient light, improves the clarity and brightness of the screen image, and makes the image clearer and more realistic.

Application areas: military industry, smartphone screens, tablets, televisions, projectors, camera lenses, museum art protection glass, museum exhibition hall item display glass cabinets, high-end photo frame glass, etc.

AF glass (Anti-Fingerprint Glass) is anti-fingerprint glass, which has anti-fingerprint, anti-oil, and anti-water properties. Prevent fingerprints and oil and other pollutants from adhering to the glass surface, so that the glass surface remains clear, smooth and easy to clean.

Application areas: various display devices, touch screens, mobile phones, banks, medical care, tablets, camera lenses, home decoration, kitchen supplies, etc.


Etched AG glass (Etched Anti-Glare Glass) is etched anti-reflective glass, which reduces the reflectivity and improves the clarity of the picture. It has a matte effect, eliminates mirror reflection, and has anti-slip and scratch properties.

Application areas: electronic displays, tablets, mobile phones, glasses, self-service ATMs, etc.



Curved glass is a glass product with a curved or arc-shaped appearance. Glass of different planes has various shapes, including arc, J-shaped, V-shaped, double-sided curved, S-shaped, bi-fold, etc., to achieve different degrees of curvature, arch, arc, ellipse and other shapes. Beautiful appearance and excellent thermal conductivity.

Application areas: smart phones, buildings, automobiles, electronic equipment, human-computer interaction, etc.

Double glazing (Double Glazing) / Laminated glass (Laminated Glass) are two different types of products.
Double glazing is composed of two or more layers of glass, using hollow technology, and the middle is filled with gas, which has the effect of heat preservation and sound insulation.

Application areas: doors and windows of buildings, trains, cars, ships, freezers, etc.


Laminated glass is a finished product composed of two or more pieces, filled with OCR or PUR.

Application areas: decoration, furniture, ATM, bulletproof glass, pressure-resistant observation window, etc.



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