Double-side AR anti-reflection Tempered glass Double-side AR anti-reflection Tempered glass

Double-sided AR anti-reflection tempered glass is a type of glass that has been treated with an anti-reflective coating on both sides, and then tempered to increase its strength and durability. The anti-reflective coating is designed to reduce the amount of light that is reflected off the surface of the glass, which can make the antibacterial tempered glass appear clearer and more transparent.

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What is Anti Reflective Coating Glass

  • AR anti-reflection glass is a type of glass manufactured by applying optical coating technology to reduce reflection and scattering, and enhance transparency and contrast. 
  • AR double-sided glass is a kind of glass with anti-reflection function. It has high transparency and double-sided reflection ability, so it can transmit and reflect light in two directions at the same time. 

AR Anti-Reflection Glass Advantages

  1、The highest peak value of visible light transmittance is 99%.
The average visible light transmission rate is more than 95%, which greatly improves the original brightness of LCD and PDP and reduces energy consumption.
  2、The average reflection rate is less than 4%, the lowest value is less than 0.5%
Effectively weaken the shortcomings of the picture caused by the glare behind the white, enjoy a clearer image quality.
  3、More colorful and stronger contrast
Make the image color contrast more intense, the scene is clearer.
  4、Anti-UV, effective eye protection
The transmission rate of ultraviolet spectrum area is greatly reduced, which can effectively block the damage of ultraviolet light to the eyes.
  5、High temperature resistance
AR anti-reflection glass temperature resistance > 500 degrees (general acrylic can only withstand temperature 80 degrees)
  6、The best anti-scratch and wear resistance
AR anti-reflection glass film hardness is comparable to glass, more than 7H.

AR Anti-Reflection Glass Applications

  1. machine vision, typical machine vision application system, containing: image capture, light source system, image digitization module, digital image processing module, intelligent judgment decision module and mechanical control execution module;
  2. museum display cases, showcases, etc., with glass covering the surface;
  3. AR anti-reflection glass is applicable to optical instruments, telescopes, digital cameras, laboratory medical equipment equipment and many other industries.
  4. solar cell components, solar thermal, construction, automotive glass and other fields. General LCD monitors and LCD TVs, such as home appliances, LCD TVs, PDP TVs, laptops, desktop computer displays, high-grade instrument panels, touch screens, photo frame glass and other electronic products that improve transmittance and reduce reflectance.

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