High Quality Capacitive 23.8 inch Touch Screen High Quality Capacitive 23.8 inch Touch Screen

Discover the Capacitive 23.8-Inch Touch Screen with GFF technology—ideal for active and passive handwriting. Ranging from 2.4 to 86 inches, and oversized up to 101 inches, this sleek, ultra-thin touch panel promises an immersive user experience.

Screen Size:
  • 23.8inch
  • 16:9
Outline Dimension:
  • 536*315.6
Viewing Area:
  • 528.04*197.46
Number Of Pixels:
  • 1920*1080
Number of Touch point:
  • 10 Points Touch
Support Systems:
  • Windows,Android,Linux
  • ≥80%
  • Display: LVDS
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Product Feature

Elegant Simplicity, Exquisite Craftsmanship, and Sleek Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in a device characterized by a pure plane structure, impeccable craftsmanship, and a slim, smooth design—where form meets function seamlessly.

Precision Touch Experience, Enhanced Sensitivity, Fluid Writing: Enjoy an accurate touch interface with heightened sensitivity, ensuring a seamless and fluid writing experience devoid of disconnection or drift. Elevate your interaction with a touch that responds to your every need.

Robust Glass Cover at Every IP Level: Impact-Resistant and Protective: Safeguard your device with a glass cover at each IP level, providing exceptional impact resistance to prevent damage and scratches. Elevate durability without compromising the device's stylish exterior.

Exceptional Optical Clarity, Limitless Touch Possibilities: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals with exceptional optical penetration, enabling every point on the screen to withstand unlimited touches. Experience the freedom of limitless interaction.

Rigorous Quality Assurance Protocols: Ensure product reliability with comprehensive 100% Incoming Quality Control (IQC) and Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) testing, guaranteeing a product that exceeds the highest standards.

State-of-the-Art Class 1,000 Clean Room Facility: Swift Delivery, Uncompromised Quality: Operate with confidence in our cutting-edge Class 1,000 clean room, ensuring a pristine manufacturing environment. Benefit from our commitment to swift delivery without compromising on the impeccable quality of our products.

Immerse yourself in a device that effortlessly combines elegance, functionality, and reliability—a touch experience that transcends expectations.

Product Customizable

  1. Tailored Touch Screen Dimensions: Elevate your device's interaction by selecting the perfect touch screen size to match your preferences. Personalize the user experience with a display that suits your device seamlessly.

  2. Precision FPC Outlet Placement: Craft the essence of your device by specifying the exact location of the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) outlet. Achieve a flawless integration that combines both form and function.

  3. Adjustable ITO Glass Thickness for Performance Control: Take charge of your device's performance with the flexibility to adjust the Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) glass thickness. Strike the right balance between a sleek design and robust functionality for an optimal user experience.

  4. Distinctive Branding: Personalized Customer Logo Integration: Make your device uniquely yours by integrating a personalized customer logo seamlessly. Enhance brand recognition and leave a lasting impression with a distinct and recognizable logo.

  5. Enhanced Visuals through Advanced Surface Treatments: AG, AF, AR Options: Redefine clarity and aesthetics with cutting-edge surface treatments such as Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Fingerprint (AF), and Anti-Reflective (AR) options. Elevate visual brilliance for an unmatched user experience.

Tailor your device with precision, from touch screen dimensions to FPC outlet placement, ITO glass thickness, customer logo integration, and advanced surface treatments—ensuring a personalized and visually captivating user journey.

Technical parameter

Product Name Capacitive Touch Screen
Touch Points 10 Points 
Regular Sizes 23.6 inches to 65 inches 
Frame Color  Black 
Resolution 4096 X4096 
Response Time ≤10ms 
Input Method Finger,Pen Stylus 
Interface USB,RS232 ,I2C
Operational Voltage DC+5V±5% 
Insulation Impedance <200mA 
Temperature Operation:-20°C~60°C    
-30°C~105°C   (车规) 
Humidity Operation:≤90%RH
Certificates CE,FCC,RoHS 
Support Systems Windows,Linux,Android


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