Resistive Touch panel Resistive Touch  panel

5-4-wire resistor (10.4-21.5”) full screen resistor (used for high safety, high electronic interference areas, such as medical equipment, aircraft control, military and other man-machine interface)

  • 4wire
Outline Dimension:
  • 261.8*199.8
Viewing Area:
  • 250.05*189.3
Number Of Pixels:
  • 4096*4096
Number of Touch point:
  • 1 Points Touch
Support Systems:
  • Windows,Android,Linux
  • USB,R232
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Product technical characteristics

The four-wire resistance touch screen can use many touch media such as pens, fingers, gloved hands, credit cards, etc. It can resist fluids, food and various impurities. It is very adaptable to various pollution. While having good stability and reliability, it is light and easy to assemble and low cost. It is light. The most ideal input device for mobile devices, personal assistance, industrial control, medical instruments and other applications with high frequency and clear application systems

Technical Parameters

Screen structure: ITO Film and ITO Glass are laminated with DOT points in the center for isolation.
Outlet cable: molded as one piece with panel
Connector: 2.54mm pitch socket, standard AMP87499-9
Touch media: finger, gloved hand, pen, credit card, etc.
Screen thickness: 1mm-5mm
Screen size: 2 inches - 21 inches
Resolution: 4096x4096
Response time: less than 8 milliseconds (finger input)
Touch strength: 15-40gf using a hardness of 600 diameter 16mm silicone material
Transition speed: less than 20ms
Positional accuracy: Standard deviation less than 2mm
M touch density: touch resolution 4096x4096 touch points
Screen Error: Less than 1.5%
Supply voltage: DC +5V
Screen resistance: 200Ω-50Ω (between X1-X2); 200Ω-500Ω (between Y1-Y2)
Insulation resistance: more than 20MΩ at DC25V
Electrostatic protection: can withstand 20 discharges of 15kV randomly distributed on the screen surface (per IEC 801-2; 150pF and 150Ω)
Transmittance : 75-85% (at a wavelength of 550 nanometers)
Operating temperature : -20℃-700℃
Storage temperature : -25℃-80℃
Vandalism resistance : 3-12mm special process fully tempered optical glass as a substrate. Use 1 pound at a height of 130cm to make it fall freely to the center point of the glass without breaking the glass.
Sealing Characteristics : Highly sealing material to prevent liquid leakage by tightly sealing the filter unit, the frame and the storm glass;
Operating temperature : -200C-700C
Storage temperature: -400C-850C
Operating humidity : 90%RH at 40C (no condensation)
Storage humidity: 90%RH at 40℃ (no condensation)
Sealing: Conforms to NEMA4 and IP65 standards
High Temperature Storage: 80℃ test for 240 hours
Low Temperature Storage: -25℃ test 240 hours
Durability: Mohs hardness 3H (according to ATSM D3363 standard)
Lifespan: More than 1,000,000 times for single touch (Polyester stylus) and more than 5,000,000 times for single touch (Rubber stylus).
Safety certification: FCC, CE, TUV, UL.

Product application range

Handheld device (PDA),

satellite positioning system (GPS),

industrial control system (IPC),

information inquiry system (kiosks),

medical service system,

interactive teaching system and other fields.


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