10.1 Inch Resistive Touch Panel S4101M20V01 RTP+LCD 10.1 Inch Resistive Touch Panel  S4101M20V01 RTP+LCD

10.1 capacitive touch panel is a touch display that uses capacitance changes to detect touch positions. It is made of glass or plastic substrates and transparent conductive. Relatively Thin, We can custom Glass Finish, AG, AF, AR ;lcd:tp=1:1

Screen Size:
  • 10.1inch
  • 16:10
Outline Dimension:
  • 227.8*1142.4
Viewing Area:
  • 217.18*138.26
Number Of Pixels:
  • 800*1280
Number of Touch point:
  • 1 Points Touch
Support Systems:
  • Windows,Android,Linux
  • ≥80%
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Product Feature

Elegance Redefined: Craftsmanship at Its Finest, Design at Its Slimmest: Immerse yourself in a device that embodies sophistication with its pure plane structure, exceptional craftsmanship, and a sleek, smooth design that sets new standards for both style and functionality.

Seamless Integration of TP and TFT LCD, Design Versatility Unleashed: Discover the perfect synergy between the Touch Panel (TP) and TFT LCD, with an almost 1:1 ratio. Whether opting for inline or full-screen surface designs, experience the epitome of user-friendly interaction with the projected capacitive screen.

Unyielding Defense with IK07-Grade Impact-Resistant Glass: Fortify your device against the unexpected with an IK07-grade glass cover, delivering impact resistance and a surface hardness of 9H for enduring durability without compromising the device's sleek aesthetics.

Clarity Beyond Limits, Advanced Lamination with OCA Technology: Indulge in crystal-clear visuals with a high optical penetration rate surpassing 90%. The fully laminated Touch Panel (TP) and LCD (LCM) utilizing OCA technology redefine clarity and precision in every interaction.

Rigorous Quality Assurance Protocols: Rest easy knowing that each product undergoes thorough 100% Incoming Quality Control (IQC) and Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) testing, ensuring that only the highest quality devices reach your hands.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing in a Pristine Class 1,000 Clean Room: Operate confidently in an environment free from contaminants. Our Class 1,000 clean room not only ensures a dust-free space but also reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality products with speed and efficiency.

Embark on a journey where sophistication meets durability, and technology seamlessly aligns with aesthetics in our exceptional devices.


Product Customizable

  1. Tailor-Made Cover Glass: Size and Color to Match Your Vision: Customize your device's aesthetics by selecting the perfect outside diameter size and color for the cover glass. Shape your device to reflect your unique style and preferences.

  2. FPC Precision Tailoring for Seamless Integration: Define the essence of your device by specifying the position, shape, and length of the flexible printed circuit (FPC) exit. Achieve a seamless blend of form and function with precision tailoring.

  3. Empower Your Device with Adjustable ITO Glass Thickness: Take control of your device's performance by determining the ITO glass thickness. Strike the perfect balance between a sleek design and robust functionality, ensuring optimal user experience.

  4. Stamp Your Identity: Personalized Customer Logo Integration: Make your device truly yours by incorporating a personalized customer logo. Seamlessly integrated, it becomes a distinctive mark, reinforcing your brand identity and enhancing the device's exclusivity.

  5. Visual Brilliance through Optical Treatments: AG, AF, AR Options: Redefine clarity and aesthetics with advanced optical treatments for the cover glass surface. Choose from Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Fingerprint (AF), and Anti-Reflective (AR) options, ensuring unparalleled visual brilliance and a superior user experience.

Craft a device that aligns with your vision, combining customizable features and advanced technologies for a personalized and visually stunning user experience.

Technical parameter

Product Name Capacitive Touch Screen Display
Touch Points 1Points 
Regular Sizes 10.1 inch
Outline Dimension 227.8*142.4
Viewing Area 219.38*138.26
Active Area 217.18*135.96
LCD Number Of Pixels 800*1280
Weight 250(MAX)
Back-light LED,Horizontal-LED Array type
Response Time ≤10ms 
Input Method Finger 
Connection TP: 4wire
Certificates CE,FCC,RoHS 
Support Systems Windows,Linux,Android

TP Connection

               PIN                                     SIGNAL                  
1 XR
2 YU
3 XL
4 YD

MIPI  Connection

Terminal Symbol Functions
Pin No. Symbol Description
1 NC No Connection
2 VCI operating voltage(3.3v)
3 VCCIO Power Voltage for digital circuit 1.8v or 3.3v
4 GND Ground

Global reset pin. Active low to enter reset state. Suggest to connecting with an RC reset circuit for stability.

Normally pull high . (R=10KΩ, C=0.1uf) H" (1.8V OR 3.3V),L:0V

6 NC No connection
7 GND Ground
8 MIPI_D0N MIPI Negative data signal(-)
9 MIPI_D0P MIPI Positive data signal(+)
10 GND Ground
11 MIPI_D1N MIPI Negative data signal(-)
12 MIPI_D1P MIPI Positive data signal(+)
13 GND Ground
14 MIPI_CKN MIPI Negative clock signal(-)
15 MIPI_CKP MIPI Positive clock signal(+)
16 GND Ground
17 MIPI_D2N MIPI Negative date signal(-)
18 MIPI_D2P MIPI Positive date signal(+)
19 GND Ground
20 MIPI_D3N MIPI Negative data signal(-)
21 MIPI_D3P MIPI Positive data signal(+)
22 GND Ground
23 NC No Connection
24 NC No Connection
25 GND Ground
26 ID ID PIN (No connection)
27 PWMO PWM control signal for LED driver(CABC)
28 NC No connection
29 NC No Connection
30 GND Ground
31 LED- Power for LED backlight(K)
32 LED- Power for LED backlight(K)
33 NC No Connection
34 NC No Connection
35 NC No Connection
36 NC No Connection
37 NC No Connection
38 NC No Connection
39 LED+  Power for LED backlight(A)
40 LED+   Power for LED backlight(A)


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