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Capacitive Touch Screen Panel

Capacitive touch screen panels usually consist of a multi-layer structure, the most important of which is a transparent conductive layer, usually an indium tin oxide (ITO) coating. This conductive layer is covered with one or more layers of glass or other transparent material to protect it from physical damage. An electrode pattern is etched or printed on the conductive layer for detecting touch events. When a user's finger or other conductive object contacts the touch screen panel, an electric field is formed between the finger and the conductive layer. This change in electric field is detected by the electrodes and converted into an electrical signal. By measuring these electrical signals, the system can determine the location, size, and shape of the touch event.



Temperature Storage

80ºC,240hrs, Normalized for 24 hrs

Temperature Storage

-30ºC,240hrs, Normalized for 24 hrs

/ Humidity Storage

60ºC/90% RH,240hrs normalized for 24 hrs

Thermal Shock

-40 ~ 85℃, 60 Mins/cycle , Total 30 Cycles, Normalized for 2 hrs

Hitting life


Professional China Capacitive Touch Panel Manufacturers

EOTSZ is a professional capacitive touch screen manufacturers and suppliers, with leading capacitive touch screen technology, can custom capacitive touch panel and provide different sizes of resistive and capacitive touch screens, EOTSZ's touch screens use advanced sensing technology to detect the presence of fingers or stylus on the screen, they provide high-level accuracy and responsiveness. Their capacitive touch screens are used in a variety of applications including smartphones, tablets, laptops, automotive displays and smart home devices.


With Leading Capacitive Touch Screen Technology

We provide the capacitive touch screen panel technology has high precision and high sensitivity, which relies on the electrical characteristics of the human body to detect the presence and location of touches on the screen, and can support multi-touch gestures, especially capacitive touch screen panel use a layer of capacitance The material, usually made of indium tin oxide (ITO), is deposited on a transparent surface such as glass, and when a finger or conductive pen touches the surface of the screen, it disrupts the capacitive layer of the electrostatic field generated by the screen. This disruption is detected by the screen's controller circuitry, which is able to determine the precise location of the touch based on the detected disruption pattern.


Touch Screen Types Capacitive vs Resistive

• Capacitive touch screen panel use a conductive material (usually indium tin oxide) to sense the touch of a finger. The screen consists of a layer of glass coated with a conductive material. When you touch the screen with your finger, the charge from your finger changes the voltage at that point on the screen. Capacitive touch screen panel are generally more sensitive and accurate than resistive touchscreens. They are also more durable and last longer.

• Resistive touch screen panel use two layers of conductive material separated by a small gap. When you touch the screen, the two layers come into contact and the touch screen controller can detect where the touch is. Resistive touch screen panel are less expensive than capacitive touch screen panel, but they are also less accurate and responsive. They are more prone to wear and may require frequent recalibration.



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