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LCD Screen

The LCD screen is an LCD screen that can display information independently. There are many types of (LCM) LCD screens, including segment LCD screens, dot matrix screens, and TFT LCD screens. It has many advantages, such as bright colors, thin and light size, low power consumption, etc., so it has a wide range of applications in many fields

LCD Touch Display Module Technicalparameter

Structure type
Touch Type
PCAP,10 Points Touch
T=3.0mm ,AG+AF Treatment Surface Hardness≥6H
Light transmission
4096 X 4096
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Regular Size
Support Systems


Temperature Storage

80ºC,240hrs, Normalized for 24 hrs

Temperature Storage

-30ºC,240hrs, Normalized for 24 hrs

/ Humidity Storage

60ºC/90% RH,240hrs normalized for 24 hrs

Thermal Shock

-40 ~ 85℃, 60 Mins/cycle , Total 30 Cycles, Normalized for 2 hrs

Hitting life

35,000,000 timesHitting test may cause surface slight scratch yet the function stays intact

What is TFT LCD display touch screen?

TFT LCD screen uses thin film transistor (Thin Film Transistor, TFT for short). Each LCD pixel on the screen is driven by a thin film transistor integrated on the back, which has many advantages, including high resolution, good color accuracy, high brightness and contrast, fast response time, and stable viewing angles. Sex etc. It has wide applications in many fields, including office scenes, entertainment and home scenes, consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive industry, retail and advertising, etc.


Reliable Custom LCD Screen Manufacturer

EOTSZ is a reliable LCD screen manufacturer and supplier that can provide various brands of original screens to meet diverse needs, such as LG Display (LGD), Samsung Display, BOE, TCL CSOT, AU Optronics, Innolux, Tianma Microelectronics, Sharp, Chimei Electronics, JDI, etc. can also provide customized services according to needs, such as OD housing, brightness, resolution, LCD glass


Main Features of LCD Monitors

Low power consumption: Compared with traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) displays, LCD screens can operate at lower voltages.


High resolution: LCD screen can provide high-resolution display effect, high pixel density, accurate color reproduction, etc. High resolution delivers more detailed, realistic images.


Thin, light and portable: It is thinner and lighter than traditional monitors, making it easier to carry and move. , widely used in laptops, tablets, etc.


No radiation: no harmful electromagnetic radiation is produced during work, green and healthy. Traditional CRT monitors will produce a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation when working.


Large viewing angle: The viewing angle is large, allowing users to view screen content from multiple angles without obvious color distortion or brightness reduction. It is more advantageous when multiple people share viewing.


Fast response speed: It can quickly respond to the input image signal and present the corresponding image content. It has very good performance in dynamic image display.Environmental protection and energy saving: The materials used in the manufacturing process are relatively environmentally friendly, and the power consumption during use is low, which helps to save energy and reduce emissions. Some LCD screens also have an energy-saving mode that automatically reduces brightness when not in use to save power.


Rich colors: high color saturation and wide color gamut. The color effect is rich and the image content is more vivid and lifelike.
Strong durability: The structure is relatively simple and stable, with strong durability. Under normal use, it can meet the long-term use needs of users.


Liquid Crystal Display Application Fields

LCD screens are widely used in various electronic devices to display text, images, videos and other information, including human-computer interaction, industrial control, medical equipment, POS machines, vehicles, multimedia entertainment, smart access control, smart home appliances, mobile phones, and TVs , tablet computers, outdoor billboards, shopping mall displays, digital billboards, electronic menus, information displays, education, military industry, aircraft, transportation, electricity, etc.Please contact us for more details.

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