High-Resolution10.1 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen High-Resolution10.1 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen

Immerse yourself in visual brilliance with our High-Resolution 10.1 Inch Capacitive Touch Screen. Experience cutting-edge interactive technology, delivering stunning clarity for an enhanced user experience.

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Basic Features

Data sheet

Main screen

10.1inch  Display area:217*135  Resolution:1920*1080  View Angle:Full view   10-Point dualtouch screen

Android RK3288  four-core  Cortex-A17  frequency 1.8GHZ   2GRAM   16G ROM   OS:Android7.1  lnterface:UDB*2,RJ45,DC
High shot camera

200W     Resolution:1920*1080     FPS:30FPS     Fill light:<8000cd/㎡(Ambient lighting about150 cd/㎡)      

Face recognition camera 200W     Resolution:1920*1080     FPS:30FPS   
Scanner Identification code system 1D/2D  Light source:White LED  Field of view:67.7︒(H)*53.4︒(V)  Deflection/tilt/rotation:360︒,±65︒,±60︒  Barcode accuracy≥5mil
Weighing module

Support protocol 50KGS\100KGS


Lable printer voice array module   ID card reader


Product Customizable

  1. Customized Touch Screen Dimensions: Tailor your device with a touch screen of the perfect size, providing a personalized and immersive interface that aligns seamlessly with your preferences.

  2. Precision FPC Outlet Placement: Define the aesthetics and functionality of your device by specifying the precise location of the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) outlet. Achieve a seamless integration that meets your unique design requirements.

  3. Adjustable ITO Glass Thickness for Optimal Performance: Take control of your device's performance by adjusting the thickness of the Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) glass. Strike the ideal balance between a sleek design and robust functionality, ensuring an optimized user experience.

  4. Distinctive Branding with Customer Logo Integration: Personalize your device and enhance brand identity by seamlessly integrating a customer logo. Make your device stand out with a recognizable mark that reflects your unique brand.

  5. Enhanced Visuals through Advanced Surface Treatments: AG, AF, AR Options: Redefine visual clarity and aesthetics with advanced surface treatments, including Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Fingerprint (AF), and Anti-Reflective (AR) options. Elevate the visual appeal and user experience of your device.

Craft a device that reflects your preferences and brand identity by customizing touch screen dimensions, FPC outlet placement, ITO glass thickness, customer logo integration, and advanced surface treatments for a truly unique and engaging user journey.

Mechanical Characteristics

Product Applications




Electronic Specification

Item Type Value Unit


Oper ating Temper ature -         -20~+70                   ℃           


       20%~85% RH          

Storae Temperature - -30~+80


20%~85% RH

ESD ESD air requirement ±8 KV


ESD contact requirement ±6 KV



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