Electromagnetic shielding film Shielding electromagnetic signals Electromagnetic shielding film Shielding electromagnetic signals

Committed to the military, finance, government and other industries, to provide electromagnetic shielding solutions, we mainly deal with imported high transparent electromagnetic shielding film, electromagnetic shielding film, RFID signal shielding, electromagnetic shielding glass, instrumentation shielding film, RFI radio frequency shielding film, conductive film, Sumitomo shielding film, and so on. These products are characterized by transparent metal grids, high light transmission, anti-interference, and high degree of signal shielding.

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Applicable to displays, electronic cabin, unmanned vending cabinets, communication electronic equipment window shielding, confidentiality department glass windows, unmanned refrigerators, machine rooms, control rooms and other electromagnetic shielding and protection, such as plasma (PDP) television sets in front of the filter screen precision instrumentation monitors electromagnetic interference, microwave ovens to prevent microwave leakage, hospitals or confidential conference room windows, lamps and so on.


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